—— Asymmetric Fractal Tree ——

How It Works: At every step, the end of every branch will split into two separate branches. Change up Left Branch Settings and Right Branch Settings to independently affect how each split behaves.

Initial Branch Length and Initial Branch Width controls the starting length and size of the tree.

Branch Contrast controls how much brighter branches are as they get further out. If Invert Contrast is checked, then further branches will be darker; otherwise, further branches will be lighter.

Angle Offset affects at what angle each new branch is placed.

Branch Length Ratio and Branch Width Ratio for either branch controls how the size of each branch changes every step (for example, if Branch Length Ratio is 80%, each branch's length will be multiplied by 0.8 every layer, getting progressively shorter).

Hue Change controls how each new branch changes hue based on the previous branch, which affects the overall coloring of the tree.

Example Branch shows a live preview of what each branch split will look like based on the current settings.

Settings Presets:

Recursion Layers: 16

If you're seeing this text, your browser does not support the canvas element.
Tree Position: (42%, 90%)

Tree Rotation: 270°

Initial Branch Length: 250px

Initial Branch Thickness: 15px

Minimum Branch Thickness: 0.5px

Initial Branch Hue: 300°

Branch Contrast: 0%

Left Branch Settings:

Angle Offset: 30°

Branch Length Ratio: 65%

Branch Thickness Ratio: 50%

Hue Change: -25°

Right Branch Settings:

Angle Offset: 45°

Branch Length Ratio: 75%

Branch Thickness Ratio: 80%

Hue Change: +35°
Example Branch: