—— Bands ——

How It Works: A number of circular arcs are drawn at even distances apart from each other, reaching outwards circularly.

Band Spacing affects how far apart each band is from its neighbors.

Band Thickness changes the width each band is drawn at.

Min Band Length and Max Band Length affect the minimum angle a band can span and the maximum angle a band can span, respectively.

Turning on Connect Bands will make the end of every band connect to the next band with a line.

Turning on Align Bands will make every band align with end of the previous band, instead of being placed randomly around its level.

Changing Band Direction will affect which direction each band new is (clockwise or counterclockwise). "Randomize Direction" will make the direction randomized, "Same Direction" will make all bands either clockwise or counterclockwise, and "Alternate Direction" will make bands alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise.

Band Contrast changes how much brightness contrast there is between the center of the bands and the outer edge of the bands.

Clicking Randomize Geometry Settings will randomize every setting, except the settings that are purely visual. Use this if you want a new set of settings with the same visual style.

Settings Presets:

Number of Bands: 30

Band Spacing: 15px

Band Thickness: 5px

Min Band Length: 0°

Max Band Length: 360°

Band Direction:

Band Hue: 60°

Band Contrast: 75%