—— Brownian Tree ——

How It Works: Click to add dots. New dots will move unseen with Brownian motion and aggregate on top of dots as soon as they touch one, which creates a tree-like structure when more build up.

Initial Dot Size controls how large the dots are at first.

Dot Size Ratio affects how the dots change size every time a new one is placed. For example, if Dot Size Ratio is set to 110%, then each new dot will be 1.1× as large as the previous, and each dot will be 0.9× the size as the previous if it is set to 90%. Smaller dots will take MUCH longer to aggregate on the old dots, which will slow down the rendering significantly. For best results, use larger initial dot sizes.

Tree Size: 1 dot

Max Tree Size: 500 dots

Starting Dots:

Initial Dot Size: 10px

Dot Size Ratio: 100%
Dot Hue: 120°

Dot Shape:

Dot Style: