—— Conway's Game of Life ——

How It Works: The Game of Life is a 2D cellular automata created by John Conway. It consists of a simple grid of cells, each either on or off. Every step, three rules are followed: (1) Any live cell with 2 or 3 neighbors survives, (2) any dead cell with exactly 3 neighbors becomes a live cell, and (3) all other cells become dead cells. Using these three simple rules, chaotic and complex behavior emerges.

Cell Rules can be turned on and off to change how many neighbors each cell needs to be born or to survive, which will drastically change how the simulation runs.

Click the Reset button to revert the grid to the last edited state.

Click and drag on the canvas to turn cells on or off (it is recommended to pause the simulation before drawing).

General Hotkeys
Structure Hotkeys
Randomization Density: 15%
If you're seeing this text, your browser does not support the canvas element.

Update Rate: 20 FPS

— — Cell Rules — —
(Selected: Game of Life)
BORN with __ neighbors:

SURVIVE with __ neighbors:

Grid Size: 75×75