—— Dots ——

How It Works: Each dot moves around tracing in an ellipse path over time.

Path Width and Path Height affect the size of each dot's ellipse.

Dot Offset Factor controls how each dot is placed originally, so that instead of every dot beginning at the same point on each ellipse, they will be offset by some factor, to create more intricate and unique patterns.

Turning on Show Wireframe will connect adjacent dots to create a complete, dynamic path around the canvas.

Clicking Randomize Geometry Settings will randomize every setting, except the settings that are purely visual. Use this if you want a new set of settings with the same visual style.

Check out the screensaver! Every setting is randomized every 5 seconds, creating infinite unique designs.

Settings Presets:

If you're seeing this text, your browser does not support the canvas element.

Tracing Mode:

Dot Type:

Speed: 2x

Dot Offset Factor: 0.3x

Number of Dots: 24

Dot Size: 20px

Wireframe Thickness: 1px

Path Width: 40px

Path Height: 200px