—— Flow Field ——

How It Works: A grid of random vectors is created across the canvas, forming a flow field. These vectors are averaged together with their neighbors to create smooth transitions between them. Particles are spawned randomly on the canvas and are accelerated based on the direction of the vector in the square they are currently over. Particles leave a colorful, glowing trail behind them, creating beautiful flowing patterns as they glide.

Flow Field Size changes the grid size of the flow field.

Flow Field Smoothness controls how many times each vector is averaged with its neighbors. Higher values will make the whole field more smooth and flowy, while lower values will create jagged edges between differect sections of the canvas.

Flow Field Strength affects how much force the flow field exerts on the particles, so that higher values will make them move faster through it.

Max Point Age controls how many steps each point can make before it disappears. Higher values will make each trail longer, while shorter values will limit this length.

Points will decelerate each step based on how high Friction is.

Settings Presets:

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Total Points Drawn: 0

Flow Field Size: 25×25

Flow Field Smoothness: 3 iterations

Flow Field Strength: ×1.0

Max Point Age: 50 steps

Friction: 10%
Trail Hue: 120°

Trail Opacity: 5%

Trail Hue Variation: 50%

Point Spawning: