—— Flexible Fractal Tree ——

Tree Settings
Tree Modifiers
Tree Colors
Initial Branch Length: 160px
The starting length of each branch, which gets smaller each iteration
Further branches are thinner

Draw leaves
Leaf Hue: 240°

Shadow Lightness: 0%
Leaf Opacity: 100%

Shadow Opacity: 100%
Minimum Branch Length: 10px
Once a branch reaches this minimum length, it will stop branching off into more branches

Branch Width: 10px
The starting width of each branch, which gets thinner with each iteration
Branch Ratio: 80%
Each further branch gets X% shorter and thinner each iteration
Branch Angle: 15°
The angle between branches
Branch Curl: 10°
Further branches will begin to curl additionally by this angle
Branch Bend: 0°
Branches will bow in the middle by X°
Tree Sway: 0°
The entire tree will sway by X°
Leaf Size: 15px
The size of each leaf, which is created at the end of a branch