—— Gravity Wells ——

How It Works: A swarm of points will spawn on the canvas and gravitate towards invisible gravity wells that are placed around the screen. The points leave trails behind them as they move, creating flowing patterns showing their paths. Points disappear when they enter a gravity well, leaving room to add more points.

Click Add More Points to add up to 1,000 points, without removing current points or clearing the canvas.

Turning up Gravity Well Strength will make gravity wells more powerful and pull points towards them quicker.

Friction affects how much points slow down over time, so they don't accelerate off the screen.

Point Spawning Velocity is the speed points will be moving at intially.

Color Variation changes how much variation in hue every point will have (0% means all points will be the same color, and 100% will be a rainbow of colors).

Clicking Randomize Geometry Settings will randomize every setting, except the settings that are purely visual. Use this if you want a new set of settings with the same visual style.

Settings Presets:

Current Points: 999

If you're seeing this text, your browser does not support the canvas element.

Number of Gravity Wells: 25

Gravity Well Strength: ×1.5

Friction: 10%

Point Spawning:

Point Spawning Velocity: 0
Trail Width: 0.5px

Trail Opacity: 100%

Trail Hue: 0°

Trail Brightness: 60%

Color Variation: 40%