—— Organic Fractal Tree ——

How It Works: At each step, a random number of new branches will be drawn, each with random settings of their own. This allows for widely varying trees even with the same settings.

Tree Stretch will make the tree taller or shorter without affecting how wide horizontally it reaches. Use this to constrain the tree when certain settings make it too tall or too short.

Minimum Length Ratio and Minimum Thickness Ratio both control the minimum length ratio that each branch can have. Lower values make the tree smaller on average, but not always, since there is lots of randomness.

Minimum Splits Per Branch and Maximum Splits Per Branch control the fewest and most new branches allowed to grow every time a branch splits.

If Even Split Spacing is turned off, then new branches will have a random angle within the allowed Branch Spread. But if Even Split Spacing is turned on, then every new branch will be evenly spaced across the allowed angles, making the tree more uniform.

Branch Spread affects how spread out new branches are, as new branches will always grow within X° of the previous branch (with X being the value of this setting).

Hue Variation controls how much the color changes between branches.

Branch Bendiness affects how much branches will curve in the middle, instead of being straight lines.

Leaf Grow Chance controls the chance of a leaf growing at the end of each final branch of the tree, and Leaf Scale affects how large the leaves will be drawn.

Settings Presets:

Recursion Layers: 7 layers

If you're seeing this text, your browser does not support the canvas element.

Initial Branch Length: 250px

Initial Branch Thickness: 15px

Tree Stretch: 0%

Minimum Length Ratio: 50%

Minimum Thickness Ratio: 50%

Minimum Splits Per Branch: 2 splits

Maximum Splits Per Branch: 8 splits

Branch Spread: 45°

Branch Bendiness: 50%

Branch Opacity: 50%

Leaf Grow Chance: 50%

Leaf Scale: 100%

Leaf Opacity: 80%

Hue Variation: 30°