—— Brownian Snowflake Generator ——

How It Works: The snowflake generates by aggregating particles that move around randomly (Brownian motion) and stick to each other when they touch, similar to Brownian Tree. The resulting structure is mirrored to make each arm symmetric, and then mirrored in a circle, with Snowflake Symmetry affecting the level of symmetry.

Ice Particle Radius changes how large each particle is. Smaller particles will be more compact but take longer to aggregate, and larger particles will be more spread out and collect quicker.

Snowflake Thickness is purely a visual setting, and does not affect the actual size of the ice particles, just how large they are drawn.

Ice Particle Spread changes how much the ice particle moves randomly, with lower settings making it move in nearly a straight line to the center.

Ice Particle Stickiness changes how likely an ice particle is to stick when it touches another particle. Lower settings will make the entire snowflake more compressed, while higher settings will keep ice particles more widely spaced.

Turning on Pinch Snowflake Edges will make particles toward the edge of the snowflake smaller, to create a more natural edge to the flake.

Clicking Randomize Geometry Settings will randomize every setting, except the settings that are purely visual. Use this if you want a new set of settings with the same visual style.

Check out the screensaver! Every setting is randomized every 5 seconds, creating infinite unique designs.

Settings Presets:

Total Ice Particles: 0

Snowflake Symmetry: 6-fold

Ice Particle Radius: 4px

Ice Particle Spread: 5x

Ice Particle Stickiness: 30%
Snowflake Hue: 240°

Snowflake Thickness: 8px

Snowflake Opacity: 50%

Selected Color Palette: 1/124