—— Random Stripe Walker ——

How It Works: A walker moves randomly on a grid across the canvas, drawing rectangular stripes in the direction it is moving (e.g., draw a vertical stripe when moving up/down, and draw a horizontal stripe when moving left/right).

Max Stripes will limit how many stripes can be drawn at once before resetting. Use this setting to keep the canvas from getting overly covered with certain settings.

Turn Rate is the average number of steps the walker will take before choosing a new random direction. Higher values will make the walker tend towards straight lines instead of random wandering.

Change Stripe Length and Stripe Thickness to affect the shape of the stripes that are drawn every step.

Draw Chance is the probability that the walker will draw a stripe at any given step. The walker will still move every step, but this setting changes whether or not it will draw a stripe every step.

Settings Presets:

If you're seeing this text, your browser does not support the canvas element.

Stripes Drawn: 0

Max Stripes: No Limit

Grid Size: 100×100

Turn Rate: ~1 step

Stripe Length: 400%

Stripe Thickness: 100%

Draw Chance: 100%

Stripe Brightness: 70%

Stripe Opacity: 5%

Stripe Color Variation: 0.5%