This is a page where I edit current projects temporarily, and move them to testbed3.html when they're finished. If you happen to find something interesting on this page, it won't stay here for long, and you should go to the mentioned link to find it.

Project #3.45: Paint Smearing Loop
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(9/19/2023): More experiments, like Project #1.55, experimenting with drawing the canvas on top of itself, but at a lower opacity and slightly askew. All that happens is random colored dots are placed randomly, as the canvas is smeared on top of itself, making the colors bleed and cover the screen in super interesting patterns. I added a bunch of settings that are randomized (including changing the rendering context's global composite operation) to make it look super different every time. Also, the animation automatically clears itself and resets, creating an infinite loop. I made this a few days ago for a Networks and Data Communications assignment. We had to set up a web server and request an HTML file, so I made a random HTML page to send, and got carried away making a little animation for it.

Project #3.44: Cursor-Following Twirling Strings
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(9/1/2023): An attempt to combine a random walker with a bouncing ball, by having "Wind" objects "blow" it randomly across the screen. I'm not super happy with how it looks right now, though, so I want to work on the physics of the wind more.

(9/6/2023): Totally revamped how this works. Now, each "ball" is just a line through its previous 10 positions, and has its own random Brownian motion built-in to it, making it move randomly. I removed gravity and added air resistance so the lines float through the air better. I also added a targeting system that I really like. With targeting off, each ball gets a random vector added to its velocity every frame. With targeting on, that random vector is pointed (mostly) towards the target, so that over time it slides around and towards the target. So now when you hold down the mouse, all of the balls are attracted and swarm towards it. I really like how this looks over the previous version with balls. This one reminds me of colorful strings, or little fish swarming.